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Bathroom Remodeling in Greensboro, NC

If your bathroom isn’t up to your standards, it may be time to consider a bathroom remodel. A bathroom remodels the second most common single-room remodel. Like the kitchen, the modern bathroom has completely transitioned from what a bathroom would have been just a few years ago. Today’s modern bathroom has become a mini-spa retreat within your homeroom. Designed for luxury and relaxation, a modern bathroom can feature elements like a garden soaking tub, an oversized step-in shower, soft lighting, a large double-sink vanity, and cabinet space to spare.

Many homeowners are frustrated with their bathrooms because they are outdated both in features and overall design. These types of bathrooms likely have minimal storage space, a small vanity not functional for two people and for what needs to be on the sink, and have an outdated and cramped shower/tub combination. A bathroom remodels in Greensboro, NC can be the perfect way to transition a cramped, outdated bathroom of yesteryear into a mini-spa within your own home. Many homeowners think that bathroom remodels knocking down walls for expansion. However, we provide many creative solutions tailored to your unique storage needs within the room’s current frame through a partial bathroom remodel.

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Bath Remodeling Greensboro NC

Top Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

There are dozens of reasons you may be considering bathroom remodeling in your Greensboro, NC home. The chances are that although you enter the bathroom multiple times a day, you take it for granted as a simple room. We pride ourselves in redefining your bathroom space to make it an elegant, relaxing room with storage to spare. Below are some of the most popular trending reasons that homeowners look to Greensboro Homecrafters for a high-end bathroom remodel.

Storage Solutions
The most common reason people turn to us for bathroom remodeling is that they are having storage issues. Many outdated bathrooms just weren’t built to hold the number of amenities we use today. Storage capacity is significant, and some homeowners are tired of their older bathrooms that have inconvenient layouts and lack storage. For example, the storage solution behind older bathrooms’ mirrors is designed to hold a single row of products. More modern bathrooms have a larger mirror set farther from the wall that allows for a greater storage amount. Additionally, the double-sink vanity has now become almost a staple. This provides a great deal of space underneath that wouldn’t be available in a single-sink vanity. Many closets can be deepened or widen to craft a storage solution.

Life Changes Have Occurred
You may be considering bath remodeling in Greensboro simply because life and circumstances have evolved over the years. The bathroom you once considered perfect might not be feasible once children or the addition of a partner enter the picture. Many people also look to remodel their bathroom as they age, looking focusing on what is needed for them at their current life stage. We craft every remodels to the homeowner’s specific needs, tailoring a plan to provide them with the dream bath they desire.

Invest in Their Home’s Resale Value
Yes, remodeling requires an investment of both your time and money. However, it is truly an investment as many homeowners that remodel their bathroom will see a return on investment of more than 50% when it comes time to sell their home. A newly remodeled, the luxury bathroom also helps your home to stand out from the other homes and catch the eye of people browsing for homes.

Repair Damage
Another popular reason for bathroom remodels simply because there is damage. With the consistent dampness of a bathroom, there can often be water damage, mold, or extensive mildew. A full or partial bathroom can remove this damage while also allowing you to add any other features you may be looking at, like additional storage or new vanity countertops.

What is a Partial Bathroom Remodel?

Many homeowners come to us for specific reasons that they are unhappy with their current bathroom. Many issues involve storage and space issues. For example, a miniature or storage behind a mirror can easily become a daily hassle to get to the products and items you need to use every day. Adding a storage overhaul and custom cabinetry can store the daily stress of digging around for items you are looking for or simply not having enough room for everything you need or want. Another simple reason people look to us for a bathroom remodel is their outdated shower and tub combination. Most of today’s bathrooms provide a large soaking tub and a shower, typically a step-in shower. You may not think that you have room for more storage or a soaking tub and step-in shower. However, we have built an incredibly highly skilled team of the top general contractors in Greensboro, NC, that pride themselves on their creative approach to making nearly any sized bathroom tailored to the homeowner’s specific needs.