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While it’s imperative that you are happy with and proud of your home’s interior rooms, we also provide a wealth of exterior home services. There are many ways to upgrade your entire home through a home exterior project. Whether it is adding on to the usable square footage by building a fantastic deck, sunroom, or screened-in room or upgrading your home’s curb appeal instantly through new siding, our team of experts can provide you the services you need for the exterior of your home. We approach every project as one that is genuine to the homeowner and their needs.

Upgrade Your Home with a New Screened-In Room

A screened-in room is an excellent way to add value to your home, both for you currently and for the resale value. Whether it’s a screened-in porch or a room with a specific purpose like a screened-in home office, our team of experts will build a room that fits your exact needs. A screened-in can be a great place to use as a home office or playroom. It can also be simply a place to enjoy outdoor views while still having the ability to moderate temperature and enjoy any furniture you would like, not simply furniture that weathers well. A screened-in porch also offers a wide variety of functionality.

If you consider any exterior home project, no matter how large or small, we are standing by to speak with you and answer questions. Our team at Greensboro Homecrafters builds everything with a true craftsman’s approach, catering the exterior project to your specifications.

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Deck Builder Greensboro NC

One of the most popular exterior home projects we see is a new outdoor deck or deck repair. With Greensboro’s warm climate, a deck is a fantastic addition to any home. We have a reputation as a leading deck builder in Greensboro, NC, and we have earned that reputation through hundreds and hundreds of decks built to the homeowner’s specific needs. Like our room remodel, we approach every deck as a unique project that should be built to meet the homeowner’s needs and those who live in the house. For example, some people may want to build a deck to enjoy time with children outside, some may be grill masters looking to hone their skills and enjoy family time, and others may be people who lost to host, making a deck perfect for any gathering.

A deck not only offers a wonderful place to enjoy the outdoors but also adds to the value of your home. First, it is appealing to homebuyers when it comes time to sell and can help set your home apart from the others they may be considering. Second, it actually increases the usable living space of your home even though it is outdoors. If you consider the addition of a deck to your home, trust the top deck builders in Greensboro to tailor it to your unique needs and vision.

Upgrade Your Home with Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has been around for a long time because it is a solid way to upgrade your home’s curb appeal and resale value. Our team of experts will install siding on your home in a timely but expert fashion, leaving you with a stunning home that will stand the design test of time. Additionally, vinyl siding is easy to keep clean and looking new throughout the years with very little maintenance or upkeep. If you’re considering upgrading your home with vinyl siding in Greensboro, NC, let us speak to you about your needs.