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Considering kitchen remodeling in Greensboro, NC? You’ve come to the area experts. We are proud to be the area’s experts in kitchen remodeling. When you choose Greensboro Homecrafters, you trust your home to an elite team of craftsmen with a sterling reputation for our remodeling services. We take a great deal of pride in the reputation we’ve built over hundreds of kitchen remodeling projects and treat every project we take on as if we would working on the home of our family or friends. We know that your kitchen is an essential, valuable room in your home. When we take on a kitchen remodeling project, we know that we aren’t just taking on your remodel. We’re taking on your trust.

The kitchen is by far the room that has made the greatest transition over the past several years. The kitchen used to be a simple, functional room, used to cook or talk in passing. The modern kitchen is truly the heart of the home. It’s where families come to gather, start their day over breakfast or packing lunches, plan the day, discuss their day, and dine together in in-kitchen dining spaces. The modern kitchen is nothing like the kitchen of a decade ago.

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If you are considering remodeling or redesigning your kitchen, we hope you will trust the area experts. We pride ourselves on our work ethic, skill level, and professionalism to bring the vision in your head for your kitchen into a reality. Contact us today if you’re interested in getting started.

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Kitchen Remodel Greensboro NC


Reasons to Invest in a Kitchen Remodel or Redesign

If you are on the fence about a kitchen redesign or kitchen remodel in the Greensboro area, there are literally dozens of reasons that investing in a kitchen remodel can benefit you. The kitchen has become mission central in the home for fathering, and investing in a remodel can bring your family together, weaving together functionality, comfort, design, and convenience. Here are some of the most common reasons that homeowners turn to us for a kitchen remodel in Greensboro.

1. Functionality
A kitchen often remodels necessary for the overall functionality. You may be living with limited storage or pantry space. You also may be literally bumping into someone else or have trouble having as many r people as you’d like in the kitchen. A kitchen can be a wonderful space to cook together as a family, but that option can also feel like a burden when it becomes overcrowded. A new kitchen layout can drastically improve traffic patterns and create more space to cook as a family. Adding an island or updated cabinetry can really improve the kitchen experience.

2. Better Home Flow
The kitchen used to be a highly separated room, a small room used for cooking and storage. Today’s kitchen has become the home hub, where cooking can be a gathering event for the whole family. Many homeowners also want a more open kitchen that allows for better flow from room to room out of the house. Additionally, most modern kitchens have in-kitchen seating space for less formal dining such as breakfast or to spend quality time with the person cooking or even just putting away groceries.

3. New Appliances and Technology
Many homeowners are living with outdated appliances and consider installing new ones. It can often be a better investment to do a full or partial remodel rather than individually purchasing those new appliances. Additionally, energy efficiency has become a much higher priority for the environment and because more modern appliances can help drastically save on energy bills and water bills. There may also be missing appliances that can make life easier, like a double oven or deeper sink. Another benefit of a kitchen remodels new technology. Installing technology like a TV or smart home technology can make the amount of time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable. Our contractors in Greensboro, NC, can work with you to provide recommendations on new appliances and technology specific to your family’s needs.

4. Hosting and Entertaining
For those who love to entertain, a larger kitchen opens the door wide for possibilities for hosting events for friends and family with greater ease.

5. Style and Design
A final reason people come to use for their Carolina kitchen and bath remodels in Greensboro is simply that their design is outdated or the design isn’t up to par with modern trends. As the kitchen has become a more fluid room for gathering, having an outdated style can make the home’s entirety feel dated.

6. Appliances, Technology, and Energy
Today’s modern kitchen provides homeowners with modern technology and appliances that allow them to integrate things they use daily to make their lives easier. Smart Home technology education has become a major trend that provides the utmost convenience to homeowners. Many people also are living with appliances that are either outdated or don’t deliver top-shelf convenience. Additionally, modern appliances also have benefits such as energy savings and using less water to make a huge difference when paying the bills.